first demo 3​/​12

by Mountain Cult

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artwork by tyler spangler (

our third practice. We were really excited at the time. Most of these started as jams the week before.


released March 12, 2011



all rights reserved


Mountain Cult Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: overachiever
greed perpetuating collective sight on the dot pulling trigger homicide the child tries
death liberating end cover up pen scribble white wash number fleeting the child tries
black cord choking silence can't get out a warning assassination hard bullet cuts the child tries
copper pipe club dead finish needle dumpster ally the child tries
Track Name: medical waste
fixing hurt broken kills
doctor, dollar; dollar pills
pharmacy and atm
poison potion fluid stem
squeezing eye squint to see
doctor money is the key
fill you up knock you down
bank account is for clowns
seeing knowing learning thinking
passing out dying sinking
ambulance quarter to
fire department busting through
cops looking at your things
undercover was a sting
handcuff jail court room judge
gavel bashing brains to mud
timing bad rent is due
eviction welfare lawyers sue
Track Name: dog specimen
hospital go to die waiting mind failing body
priest speaks a little prayer flowers wilt everyday
it seems to fit to end this way staring at a wall
leashed to a machine bark like a dog
like a dog

sanitarium against the will restrained imprisoned
inmate whispers and mutters to the imagined
stay invisible punishment waits if discovered
electrocution frozen baths if secrets get out hush
Body broken immobilized paralyzed
mind racing can't speak
trapped inside no way out
communication is lost gone
Track Name: claustrophobia
graft skin on his body won't fix
pretty boy in the subway won't twitch

video tape humiliate control
licking boot removing clothes

lepers scare the children need help
disfigurement not afraid

glass window watching man with disease
burns flesh off his hands and caps off his knees