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Little Big Chief Records 2012 - littlebigchief.bigcartel.com

Straight out of a cultural dead zone, aka Brooklyn, comes a band that defies all half assed attempts at lifeblood leaking, beer soaked, fuggin' rock. Seriously, stumbling upon their self released 7" was a jolt, from a part of the world where shit like this shouldn't exist. Blues influenced punk with the right amount of hazy stumble to it that keeps it all coagulated and alive. Edition of 300 with pro pressed jackets. - Brock Kappers


released August 15, 2012



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Mountain Cult Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: climbing the clock tower with a rifle
personally crisis
scared out of my mind
might be psychotic or might be in line
bought a rifle from the store around the corner
automatic fire, god will put them in order
up the wall and over the top
Track Name: don't feel sick
took a shot
had too much
don't feel sick
out of touch
don't feel sick anymore
when your head's face down on the floor
called the doctor
don't think he knows what to do
never seen anything like this but it's true
don't feel sick anymore
face down on the floor
feeling no pain
no pain
took a shot in the vein
don't feel sick don't feel any pain
Track Name: christmas day
god wears a blindfold over his eyes
the man with the knife comes as she hides
god hears her scream and covers his ears
bleeding and smiling is better than her fears
Track Name: all eyes on her
She puts on the off white gown
Tarnished from age
Closes her eyes and sways
Remembering the time past
She dresses up and puts on makeup
Thick as mud and brightly hued
Covering up her insecurities and
Failures. Hoping no one notices.
In her mind she's the center of the world
All eyes on her.

she rounds up the kids
fills the tub with warm water
brushes the hair of her son and daughter
sips her wine turns the radio up
breaks her glass when she drops the cup
pushes the children's heads underwater
holds them down aroused by the slaughter
Track Name: overachiever
greed perpetuating collective sight on the dot pulling trigger homicide
the child tries
death liberating end cover up pen scribble white wash number fleeting
the child tries
black cord choking silence can't get out a warning assassination hard bullet cuts
the child tries
Cold copper pipe hidden by the dumpster in the alley
the child tries
suicide homicide parlayed shotgun contact brain leaking
the child tries
pushed too far need too much finger trigger little touch
to bring it down
Track Name: neon light
good man defeat
concrete slab
little tag sewed to the bag
and the morgue is cold
and a neon light
fills his eyes
up with white
Track Name: bed
lots of things living in beds
bite your skin poison and dead
15 legs odd number of eyes
it can bite it can fly
joined a cult took all my things
like to believe what they tell me
decisions are hard can't make up my mind
contradiction, deception, illusion is fine
Track Name: videodrome
kill your kids
kill your dog
kill your friends
get a new dog

he takes his orders from the tv set